giovedì 14 febbraio 2019


The President of European Muslims League, Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese likes to thank H.E. Pietro Parolin Secretary of State of Vatican for his kind letter of reply.

Ambassador Maiolese asks to all members in Europe and all the Ambassadors of Peace of EML worldwide to continue this important dialogue with other religious leaders as the Vatican does to support peace and respect for all the humanity.

martedì 5 febbraio 2019


The Presidency of the EML, the President Dr. Alfredo  Maiolese and the Secretary- General Dr. Yvonne Ridley, support the historical document that involves billions of people.
The Pope and the leading exponents of the international Islamic community gathered in Abu Dhabi to confirm the document of the Human Brotherhood. A historical document of great inspiration and concreteness written by Pope Francis and Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb
A reference text that defines the principles of freedom and rights. A declaration of "enormous weight" because it takes away any future possibility of other interpretations and ambiguities.
No one can say that his is an interpretation of Islam or a national political necessity. From today, a principle shared by all is established.
Some passages of the text.
We also attest to the importance of the awakening of the religious sense and of the need to revive it in the hearts of the new generations, through healthy education and adherence to moral values ​​and right religious teachings, to face individualistic, selfish and conflicting tendencies. radicalism and blind extremism in all its forms and manifestations.
The first and most important objective of religions is to believe in God, to honor Him and to call all men to believe that this universe depends on a God who governs it, it is the Creator who has molded us with His divine wisdom and we he gave the gift of life to keep it. A gift that no one has the right to remove, threaten or manipulate at will, on the contrary, everyone must preserve this gift of life from its beginning until its natural death. We therefore condemn all life-threatening practices such as genocide, terrorist acts, forced displacement, trafficking in human organs, abortion and euthanasia, and policies that support all of this.

lunedì 28 gennaio 2019


The Presidency of European Muslim League, the President, Envoy Dr. Alfredo Maiolese, the Secretary-General, Dr. Yvonne Ridley, together with all the members of EML, are glad to announce the nomination of a new Ambassador of Peace of EML, in Venezuela.
Congratulation to Sheikh Kassem Mohamad Tayjan for this important role in his Country.

mercoledì 2 gennaio 2019


The International Council for Cooperation and Peace (ICCP) established by EML.

The world is facing unprecedented challenges where the perceived threat of climate refugees plus refugees from wars and conflict has reached an all time high. The alarmist rhetoric around these vulnerable men, women and children is coming from not only extreme political groups but some national governments and popular media.
Added to the migratory phenomenon are acts of terrorism which in turn is exacerbating and fuelling problems between different cultures, races and religion all over the globe. Hate, fear and anger are the byproducts and what is often seen on the social networks translates into violence or the threat of it on our streets.
As such the European Muslim League has identified an urgent need to develop efforts for cooperation, social development and philanthropy in a bid to try and bring peace and calm among all peoples affected. The EML has already recognised this problem is a global one and, as such, we've extended our work to reflect that by appointing peace ambassadors around the world.
However we have decided to launch a new initiative to help deal with these crises caused by the prospect of further  large-scale migration as a result of demographic pressures brought about by war, famine, conflict, economic and climate change. 
The International Council for Cooperation and Peace will be made up of people drawn from a variety of different cultures, faiths, backgrounds, expertise and nationality to reflect the scale and diversity of those caught up in this unprecedented crisis and to deal with the challenges we now face.
By collaborating with other world organisations and institutions, in order to prevent social conflicts, we hope some of our suggestions to restore peace and calm will be adopted. One of our immediate aims will be to foster friendships across the globe because we recognise that one group alone can not achieve peace and stability; this crisis will need teamwork, tolerance, security and understanding.
ICCP plans to work more closely with religious bodies, influencers and international authorities to support co-existence and dialogue. While interfaith initiatives can support mediation and reconciliation it is also important to bring on board other opinion formers involved in government and NGOs to help develop peaceful counter-narratives, and promote critical (and inclusive) thinking.
We need to stop the angry rhetoric of ‘us’ and ‘them’ which achieves nothing but fear. In ICCP there is no ‘us’ and there is no ‘them’ but only ‘we’ and we are determined our work from the streets of Europe and beyond right up to the corridors of power from East to West will spread the global message of peace, tolerance and security.
We also need new ideas and bold leadership to tackle these multiple problems at the roots but we also need to build bridges across the chasms that divide us. By changing the narrative towards the victims caught up in these crises we will increase trust and slowly but surely will try and stop the judgement of others in terms of race, skin colour or faith.

lunedì 24 dicembre 2018


The Presidency of EML, The President Envoy Dr. Alfredo Maiolese, the Secretary- General Dr. Yvonne Ridley, convey the deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolence to the Government and  the bereaved families of Indonesia, for the tragic tsunami that has hit the country again.
Here Dr. Alfredo Maiolese with Hon. Dr. Muhammed Hidayat Nur Wahid, Vice President of Indonesia Parliament.

sabato 22 dicembre 2018


The Presidency of European Muslim League, the President, Envoy Dr. Alfredo Maiolese, the Secretary-General, Dr. Yvonne Ridley, together with all the members of EML, are glad to announce the nomination of a new Ambassador of Peace of EML, in Tanzania.
Congratulation to Sheikh Hassan Sedenga Said Chizenga for this important role in his Country.

martedì 18 dicembre 2018


The Presidency of European Muslim League, The President Dr. Alfredo Maiolese and the Secretary-General Dr. Yvonne Ridley, together will all the members of EML wordwide, are glad to announce the nomination of a new Ambassador of Peace in Maldives.
Congratulation to Sheikh Abulla Mohamed for this important role in his country.