martedì 31 dicembre 2019


Our Ambassador of Peace, Dr. Saker Darvish Yusef participated at the invitation of the Panamanian authorities to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal, together with other religious leaders.

lunedì 23 dicembre 2019


The President of the EML, Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese,  met the Minister of State of the Presidency of the Republic, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Naseem at the Presidential Palace and the Minister of State, Ministry of Tourism. They have been talked of the role of the EML and the  constitution of a new section:" International Council for Cooperation and Peace" in spreading the values and principles of peace and harmony of Islam.
The Republic of Maldives, Muslim State, welcomes millions of non-Muslim tourists, every year, and is a true example of tolerance and respect, an exemplary model supported by the excellent Maldivian population, who has always been open and friendly.
Here Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese with the Minister H.E. Dr. Ahmed Salih.

domenica 22 dicembre 2019


The Albanian Institute for International Studies and the Center for Interfaith Cooperation organized today in Elbasan the second seminar for the establishment of the Institute for Religious Studies and Cooperation. This project is powered by Porticus. The Institute for Religious Studies and Cooperation is a long-term initiative of two think tanks that aims to strategically support the further development of interfaith activities in Albania, in line with the development of policies and the needs for the effects of community-level initiatives. religious. Our members in Albania: Dr. Arben Ramkan and Dr. Rufina Collaku ha partecipated.

sabato 21 dicembre 2019


Our Ambassador of Peace, Prof. Oumarou Malam Djibring participated at the General assembly of Cameroon Association of Interfaith Dialogue,  with the presence of National President dressed in red and the Vatican Envoy.

mercoledì 18 dicembre 2019


Our coordinator for Latin America Amb. Ven Kassem Tajan, participated with many EML ambassadors in the 32nd congress of the Latin American and Caribbean community. Always committed to spreading values ​​of respect and peace the latin american community is an excellent example of cooperation with the governments and institutions.

sabato 7 dicembre 2019


H. E. Mustafa Ceric, Ambassador of Peace of EML
Gran Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia and member of the Diplomatic Council of the European Muslim League, met with His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan.
Jordan has always been committed to interreligious dialogue and respect for other cultures. Amb. Prof. Mustafa Ceric, thanked His Majesty for welcoming millions of refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

domenica 1 dicembre 2019


Event took place this afternoon in the city of Elbasan at Fish Citit premises where the Interfaith Cooperation Center, Rozafa Business and the municipality of Elbasan together with entrepreneurs, people of politics, art and sport came together to donate financial aid for the repair of the damages, caused by the earthquake. His address The President of the Interfaith Cooperation Center Dr. Arben Ramkaj and Envoy in Albania of EML European Muslim League, started it with a prayer for the residents affected by the tragedy as well as for the attendees who have become part of the contributions being made to those families left homeless. Interfaith Cooperation Center - emphasized Dr. Ramkaj will contribute $ 10 000 It is important - stressed - Dr. Arben Ramkaj that politics, like the religious communities, be united in these difficult days for Albanians. A total of 350 million leks (old), 50 thousand dollars and 65 thousand euros were collected together with businesses.