martedì 22 maggio 2018


The Secretary-General Miss Yvonne Ridley visited the muslim women community of Canada. She discussed the situation of refugees coming from other countries and the important role of muslim women in the canadian society. Here with Dr. Fozia Albi.

lunedì 21 maggio 2018


The President Of EML Dr. Alfredo Maiolese has visited the great mosque of Caracas. The relations of Muslims in Venezuela with other religions are exemplary and worthy of being remembered.

giovedì 17 maggio 2018


During the months of rexheb shaban, during preparations for the month of Ramadan, the Woman Center has held a number of cultural-social and religious activities in different departments and cities of Albania.
Some of them are:
1- Documentary about the values ​​of glorifying the emblems of religion, -the documentary which was introduced in the districts.
2- In cooperation with the women's sector in Kosovo, Woman Center there was organized  the symposium “The values ​​and benefits of the culinary”
3- The "Ramadan Atmosphere" program is a tradition of every year organized a day before Ramadan through which emotions and information is spread on how to use a prosperous Ramadan.
We thank our member Miss Rudina R. for her efforts in Albania.

martedì 15 maggio 2018


The leadership of the European Muslim League today condemns what can only be described as a massacre of those Palestinian civilians who protested the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem, and the expulsion of Palestnians from their homes 70 years ago.These civilians took to the streets in the spirit of Gandhi-style resistance, as is their right under international law. That Ramadan is nearly upon us, their actions were all the more poignant in this latest dark chapter in Middle Eastern politics.

Today the funerals begin of nearly 60 Palestinians who were targeted and shot dead largely at the cross hairs of Israeli snipers while another 2700 Palestinians were injured.

It is also worth noting our condemnation is matched by the words of many European leaders and from other countries around the world and we also join them in calling for restraint by Israel.

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the violence Israeli armed forces meted out to Palestinian protesters and called for restraint and de-escalation during his phone calls with Jordanian King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, according to the French presidency in a statement.

He also reiterated France's disapproval of the American decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem, in the particular context of the 70th anniversary of Israel's independence and the commemoration of exile for many Palestinian families.

"The status of Jerusalem can only be determined between the parties, in a framework negotiated under the auspices of the international community," Macron said.

Israel's actions were also condemned or criticised by the Britain, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon and other nations, which is welcomed by EML as was Kuwait's decision to draft a UN Security Council statement calling for an independent inquiry into the violence. Sadly this was blocked by the US. Meanwhile Russia said it was watching closely, adding that the Palestinian death toll could not "but provoke the deepest concern." 

South Africa also acted by recalling its Israeli ambassador.

Once again the EML joins in the universal calls for restraint and calm. Our thoughts go out to the families of the dead and injured following the massacre. Ramadan is almost here and this blessed month will prove more challenging than ever for those who've lost their loved ones.


We cannot be silent against the tragedy which has hitten and killed Christians in Surabaya.
How can God asks to human beings to kill others in His name of in the name of religion?
How do you kill yourself and your family and pretend to go to Paradise?

lunedì 14 maggio 2018


Once again, it is with sadness, that the European Muslim League reaches out in solidarity to the French people in the wake of a deadly knife attack in central Paris on Saturday evening.

No one, whatever their nationality, should have to pay the blood price. More than 230 French people have been killed by Daesh-inspired terrorists in the past three years.

Our friends in Europe know very well that EML will always stand with the victims of terror and their families. These vile attacks may be carried out in the name of religion but we all know these atrocities bear no relation to Islam or any other faith.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said that his people "will not give an inch to the enemies of freedom" and it is a sentiment we at EML fully endorse. In the meantime our thoughts and sympathies go out to all of the families of those affected by this deadly act.

domenica 13 maggio 2018


Our Ambassador of Peace Prof.Juan Francisco Suquillo Carrera partecipated at the IMCC - International Muslim Communities Congress.

sabato 12 maggio 2018


On invitation of ADR Mediaform, agency accredited to the Ministry of Justice of the Italian Republic, in presence of judges,laywers, military and police forces, the President of EML, Dr Alfredo Maiolese, spoke about the role of European Muslim League, in preventing social and civilization conflicts.

domenica 6 maggio 2018


The President of EML Dr. Alfredo Maiolese had partecipated on invitation of Bangla Community of Genova to the meeting for the realization of a school for children in the town.
The Bangla community is well integrated in the local society.

giovedì 3 maggio 2018

Bern, Switzerland

EML and Aurora International Journal had signed an agreement of collaboration.
All the members of EML, Ambassadors of Peace and Advisers of EML International Academy can write on the journal.
A special section dedicated to Islam in its authenticity, religion of respect for all the humanity, will be present  in the journal.
This is an important step for spreading the value of faith, morality and respect for other religions and to make the Islamic religion be known, without manipolations and exploitations.

mercoledì 2 maggio 2018


The President of EML Alfredo Maiolese has been invited by the World Organisation of the States for a meeting with delegations arrived by Ukraine, Congo Brazzaville, Argentina, Panama, Venezuela, U.S.A. Alfredo Maiolese supported harmony and respect with other religions and ask to organized a worldwide conference of peace.