giovedì 26 gennaio 2017


The European Muslims League  is glad to announce that Presidency Council has nominated for South Africa, Mufti Prof.Ahmed Pandor Ambassador of Peace of EML. Ambassador Ahmed Pandor is very active to prevent clash of religions with not muslims.
All the EML members' wish to our brother congratulations for the new task.

martedì 24 gennaio 2017


Lesson in the mosque of our Ambassador of Peace Prof. Yahya Juan Suquillo regarding this points:
1. The future of Muslims in Latin American.

2. Islam and its intrinsec relation to western media.

3. Redefinition of the etic dimention in the applied sciences.

4. Some macrometrical aspects  of the politics in Islam

giovedì 19 gennaio 2017


After the good result of the march of the peace hold in Genova in october 2016, the European Muslims League, had organized with the other religions leaders of Albania,  an important  march, which had involved many associations and institutions. The EML with its representatives is playing an important role in the Balkan for supporting peace and stability.

martedì 17 gennaio 2017


The President of European Muslims League, Alfredo Maiolese had visited the new mosque of Lecco.
Here with the Iman and the representatives of the religious center.
The Islamic Community had established  good relations with the municipality and support peace and stability with the italian society.