martedì 26 dicembre 2017


EML Secretary General Yvonne Ridley with Bangladesh Parliament Speaker in her office during meeting including Algerian MP Yousef  Adjissa & IRO President Mamdooh Kamal Ali Badawi -
Mrs Ridley had discussed the possible actions to be taken from international community to support the people of Rohingya against unjustice and genocide.

giovedì 21 dicembre 2017


Our Secretary General, Yvonne Ridley had visited Rohingya brothers and sisters.
Thousands of people left their country because they are persecuted.
Here Mrs. Ridley with Shk. Mahmood Kamal Badawi Head of IRO, the International Relief Organisation at Rohingya refugee camps near Cox's Bazar on the Bangladesh border with Myanmar.

giovedì 14 dicembre 2017


Open letter to the OIC from EML

The European Muslim League would like to take this opportunity to welcome the proposals made by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) following the US President's controversial announcement to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognising the city as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem is embedded firmly in the hearts of all Christians and Jews, as well as we Muslims - its name resonates with all three Abrahamic faiths.

It was heart-warming to see the 57-member OIC gather for an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday in Istanbul called by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Representing what EML sees as the collective voice of the Muslim world, the OIC rebuked Donald Trump's statement by recognising East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

By calling the emergency OIC summit, President Erdogan has shown himself to be a strong rallying figure in the Muslim world at times of crisis. His actions are applauded by members of the EML because he has illustrated the strength that there is in peace and unity which we would like to see extend beyond the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine.


Alfredo Maiolese, President of EML

Yvonne Ridley, General Secretary of EML

domenica 26 novembre 2017


We at the European Muslim League want to offer our sincere condolences to the people of Egypt after the horrific terror attack on worshippers in North Sinai during Friday prayers.

It is difficult to convey the revulsion and outrage felt on your behalf for both the victims, their families and the survivors of this atrocity in which more than 300 Egyptians, including young children, died.

Our thoughts are with your people, especially those who were impacted directly by the crimes visited upon the al-Rawda mosque in Bir al-Abed where worshippers were first bombed and then, as they fled, were gunned down without mercy by dozens of gunmen waiting outside. Please pass on our deepest sympathies.

martedì 14 novembre 2017


Our Ambassador of Peace Prof. Yahya Juan Suquillo, has been invited in Seoul, to support peace and respect between different religions.
Delegates arrived from all continents.

mercoledì 1 novembre 2017


Islam does not advocate the killing of civilians, and to use the slogan of Allah hu akbar before an atrocity is a crime against the faith itself.  This horrible act tarnishes the image of every day Muslims and is unacceptable both morally and religiously. 

giovedì 5 ottobre 2017


Our Representative in South Africa Mufti Ahmed Pandor had organized an important conference regaring Jesus* in the Gospel and the Quran.
Muslims and Christians together to  understand better Islam and to avoid clash of religion.

lunedì 2 ottobre 2017


After this massacre of innocent women...what we can say...only crazy men or in bad faith, can use the name of God to commit crimes against humanity, strangers to any religion or civilization.

sabato 30 settembre 2017


Our member in Albania, Dr Arben Ramkaj has partecipated to an important seminar as panelist.
The subject matter was:
Facing the challenge of radicalism and violent extremism in the Western Balkans.Organized by the Albanian Institute for International Studies with the Students of the International Relations of the University of Tirana.

martedì 12 settembre 2017


Our representative Dr. Rudina Collaku in collaboration with WCDC organized the Second  two-day Albanian Youth Forum for girls.
Under the slogan: " In the race of excellence...there is no end line"
The girls are from different cities of Albania.
The purpose of this social, religious and cultural forum is:
**The information and educational contribution towards girl character construction through social topics, documentaries and discussions.
**Awareness of religious radicalism and its damage
** Workshop on Time Management and Volunteer Work
** Entertainment and various formative competitions like the Painting Fair.

lunedì 19 giugno 2017


The attack to the Mosque of Finsbury Park has to reject immediately for avoiding  the clash of religion that mental sick want for retaliation.
We European Muslims and the Muslims worldwide condemn any sort of terrorist attack made in the name of a religion. The Christians and the Muslims are not responsible for the violence but only the victims.
It is a big  mistake generates hate and respond to the criminals with other atrocities.

domenica 4 giugno 2017


News of last night's terror attack in London reached me and everyone else in the European Muslim League with equal measure of disbelief and outrage.

We are in the holy month of Ramadan, a time for peace and reflection, prayer and fasting. Those who brought this carnage to London show they have no respect for their fellow human beings nor the great faith of Islam.

The European Muslim League extends its  condolences to those whose loved ones never came home last night and our thoughts and  prayers are with the survivors and those involved in the emergency services, the rapid response of the latter brought a quick end to the horrific violence in the heart of London.

Alfredo Maiolese
President of European Muslim League

sabato 27 maggio 2017


The President of European Muslim League, Alfredo Maiolese for the beginning of the Holy Month wishes to all the Muslim Communities in Europe and worldwide Ramadan Mubarak.
In the meantime we condemn the terroristic attack which had hidden the Christian Copts of Egypt. We remember to everybodies to struggle for peace and respect with the non muslim communities and religions.

martedì 23 maggio 2017


This is the message that EML President, sent to the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

To Mayor of Greater Manchester Dr. Mr. Andy Burnham,

Dear Mayor,

I want to convey the great sadness and horror we felt as news began to emerge late last night about the terror attack on the Manchester Arena in your great city.The appalling news, including a death toll of 22 and around 60 injured, has yet to yield the identity of the person(s) responsible but please know this, we are united in grief and would like to send a message if solidarity towards you and your people.Whoever committed this act can only have been fuelled by a hatred which has no place in our Faith and this act will have certainly appalled Muslims across Europe and the wider world.Parts of Europe are still trying to come to terms with terror attacks in recent years but we are confident the enduring spirit of human nature will triumph over the sort of hate and fear these acts of terror are designed to spread.This is just a short message of solidarity from the European Muslim League and if there is anything you feel we can do or say to alleviate the pain of the people of Manchester please do not hesitate to contact us at EML. We have representatives throughout Europe, including the UK.

Kindest regards

Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese, EML President

giovedì 27 aprile 2017


Dr. Arben Ramkaj member of EML in Albania is a very active representative of our organisation.
He is making a lot of efforts in Albania and Balkan to spread the right Islamic religion and to serve the Muslim community.
Here during the seminar with not Muslims speaking how fighting extremism and intollerance.

mercoledì 26 aprile 2017


On invitation of Permanent Observer Mission of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation  (OIC) to the European Union, our Secretary General Mrs Yvonne Ridley,  had meet in Bruxelles, Ambassador H.E. Mrs Ismat Jahan.
In a cordial meeting the two representatives, had discussed the mutual and future cooperation between OIC and EML in Europe for supporting peace and integration.

sabato 22 aprile 2017


Paris is once again the target of ISIS terrorism, which brutally attacks the law enforcement. We express our pain for the victims and our closeness and solidarity with their relatives, colleagues and friends. Our solidarity then goes to all the French people who have repeatedly been hit by Jihadist violence, aimed at upsetting peaceful coexistence in the country and radicalizing public opinion in the nationalist and xenophobic direction. We will remember the victims of this latest attack and all French citizens.

domenica 9 aprile 2017


The focus of the world has now moved to Egypt after 43 people were killed and at least another 100 were injured in bomb attacks on two Coptic churches that also included the seat of the Coptic Pope.

This is the latest assault on a religious minority which has become increasingly targeted by Daesh, also known as the so-called Islamic State.

By coincidence European Muslim League President Alfredo Maiolese was in Cairo for an international conference when the attacks in Fanta and Alexandria occurred.

EML President Maiolese, who is a strong leader on matters of interfaith, expressed his horror and sadness at the attacks which he noted happened a week before the Coptic Easter and the scheduled visit of Pope Francis to Egypt later this month.

"It seems that we can not pass a day without some atrocity, somewhere in the world, ripping the heart out of a community. That these particular attacks on the Christian communities in Egypt happened today, Palm Sunday, when millions around the globe are marking this poignant event in their calendar defies belief.

"We at EML are appalled by the cowardly nature of these two attacks on people while in the act of worship. I want our Christian brothers and sisters, where ever they are in the world today, to know that we are standing in solidarity with them and that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

"The vile acts of these cowards will not fragment our friendships or beliefs but will serve to make us stronger together and unite us in our different faiths rather than divide us," he said.

President Maiolese was speaking from Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo where he is attending a conference on International Relations.

The first bombing, in Tanta, a Nile Delta city about 100 km (60 miles) north of Cairo, tore through the inside of St. George Church during its Palm Sunday service, killing at least 27 people and injuring at least 78, according to the Ministry of Health.


The second, carried out a few hours later by a suicide bomber in Alexandria, hit Saint Mark's Cathedral, the historic seat of the Coptic Pope, killing 16 people, including three police officers, and injuring 41, added the ministry.

Coptic Pope Tawadros, who had attended mass at Saint Mark's Cathedral, was still in the building at the time of the explosion but was not harmed. he said shortly afterwards: "These acts will not harm the unity and cohesion of the people." 

sabato 8 aprile 2017


Once again, another European country is reeling from a terror attack aimed at innocent citizens going about their daily lives.

 This time a hijacked truck crashed into a department store in central Stockholm on Friday and today Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has called for "a day of mourning for Sweden"

 Four people were killed and 15 more were wounded when the hijacked beer trucked was turned into a lethal weapon as it crashed on a busy shopping street.

 Today the European Muslim League joins the people of Sweden in their mourning and grief on yet another tragic occasion designed to strike at the heart of European democracies.

EML President Alfredo Maiolese  and Secretary-General Yvonne Ridley said: "Once again terror has been brought to innocents in another street in another European city. We stand with the Swedish people and echo the sentiments of their Prime Minister who has vowed that terrorism will never undermine Sweden's democracy."

venerdì 7 aprile 2017


The representative of European Muslims League in Albania, dr. Rudina Collaku had organized an important symposium.
" Brief introduction of the Women Center for Development and Culture - Women as a successful model in the humanitarian, cultural and charitable work .
We thank her and all the collaborators for the brillant result of the meeting.

mercoledì 5 aprile 2017


The European Muslim League today expresses its deepest sympathy and sorrow for the victims of the bomb attack on St Petersburg's metro system as well as to the survivors and their families.

 For people to be cut down so brutally as they go about their everyday lives is nothing short of horrific and is designed to cause terror and instil fear in peoples' lives.

 As we stand in solidarity with the people of St Petersburg we also send out a clear message to those behind this horrific attack: far from spreading chaos you have united everyone in their grief to stand firm against your brand of terror. The courage and resolve of the Russian people has been seriously underestimated if the aim was to spread fear.

Alfredo Maiolese, the President of EML, said today: "People of faith and no faith have come together to share their grief and sorrow over this terrible event. Terror has no religion and I can't think of any faith that could justify the carnage and wanton destruction caused to those travelling between the Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations.

"As we send our condolences to the grieving families we also send our prayers to the survivors. Today the right thinking people of the world are united in grief with the Russian people."

giovedì 23 marzo 2017


London spirit overcomes terror

 The European Muslim League is appalled by the London attack which brought terror and carnage to the heart of Westminster where the mother of parliaments sit.

 Reflecting its truly cosmopolitan nature, the number of those injured on Westminster Bridge as a car ploughed into them included: South Koreans, Germans, Polish, Irish Chinese, Italian, Greeks, Romanians, American, French and Spanish.

 A heroic policeman was stabbed to death in the line of duty as he ran towards the trouble while urging others to run in the opposite direction. Another who died was a woman of Spanish origin who was going to collect her young children from school, it was a journey brought to a sudden and brutal end as she crossed the famous bridge.

 Sadly, within hours of the terrorist atrocity in London, two contrasting images emerged in one of the world's most famous capital cities.

 There were words of hatred spewed by a well known right wing extremist not worthy of naming who was screaming at the TV cameras and anyone who would listen to him that Islam was to blame.

 Another voice was from someone who really knows the pain of loss and terror ... Brendan Cox, husband of the British politician Jo Cox who was murdered last year in a terrorist attack at the hands of a right wing extremist. Mr Cox said the attacker in no way represents Muslims any more than his wife's killer represents people from Yorkshire, referring to the county where she was murdered as she carried out her duties as a Member of Parliament.

 While it is far too premature to play the blame game it is important that acts of terrorism are seen exactly for what they are: heinous crimes carried out by the individuals who plan and perpetrate them. These crimes are not the collective responsibility or blame of anyone else.

 We note that the media has acted with great restraint in its coverage of this particular act of terrorism in which five people are now dead, including the British-born man who carried out the atrocity.

 Whipping up hate against communities of faith through headlines serves no purpose at all other than to create division and this is exactly the goal of those who plan and support these attacks. Ordinary Muslims across Britain and the rest of Europe will be appalled by Wednesday's events.

 Alfredo Maiolese, president of the EML said: "I will be writing to London Mayor Sadiq Khan to express in equal measure our sympathy and admiration to all Londoners in these difficult times but the message today is very clear from all of us around Europe to those out there who want to bring terror to our streets: 'We will never let you win, whoever you are'."

 The EML message today is one of unity because unity is the key to standing up to the terrorists as well as the refusal to let fear change or alter the course of our normal, everyday lives. It is with admiration we look at Londoners today as they put on a united front. People of faith and no faith coming together determined not to let the terrorists interfere with their freedoms and liberties.

 Tonight, as members of one of the most diverse populations in the world come together to stand in unison in London's famous Trafalgar Square for a peace vigil, the European Muslim League is proud to stand alongside them all and salute their courage and determination. Only through hope can we silence hate and let the terrorists know they will never win.





domenica 5 febbraio 2017


The President of of European Muslims League Alfredo Maiolese had visited the beatiful mosque of Sheik Zayed in ABU Dhabi.
Many tourists every years visit the Mosque coming from all over the world.

giovedì 26 gennaio 2017


The European Muslims League  is glad to announce that Presidency Council has nominated for South Africa, Mufti Prof.Ahmed Pandor Ambassador of Peace of EML. Ambassador Ahmed Pandor is very active to prevent clash of religions with not muslims.
All the EML members' wish to our brother congratulations for the new task.

martedì 24 gennaio 2017


Lesson in the mosque of our Ambassador of Peace Prof. Yahya Juan Suquillo regarding this points:
1. The future of Muslims in Latin American.

2. Islam and its intrinsec relation to western media.

3. Redefinition of the etic dimention in the applied sciences.

4. Some macrometrical aspects  of the politics in Islam

giovedì 19 gennaio 2017


After the good result of the march of the peace hold in Genova in october 2016, the European Muslims League, had organized with the other religions leaders of Albania,  an important  march, which had involved many associations and institutions. The EML with its representatives is playing an important role in the Balkan for supporting peace and stability.

martedì 17 gennaio 2017


The President of European Muslims League, Alfredo Maiolese had visited the new mosque of Lecco.
Here with the Iman and the representatives of the religious center.
The Islamic Community had established  good relations with the municipality and support peace and stability with the italian society.